Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mashimaro kindda??

Assalamualaikum all the peops :)

2 words, MATE BENGKAK!!

that is why i look sooooo like mashimaro (the eyes part one) :P or some people might say like panda eyes but i preferred MASHIMARO.. :D

so means the whole day i've been try as hard as i can to make sure my eyes become like this, yea you guys know ive been crying the whole day..huhu even when i was in assembly, in class, in restroom and everywhere, i just CRIED A LOT today!! and the best part is.. i still try to act cool even everyone can see how red and watery my eyes are..

i just woke up actually cause i was fall asleep when i bring zaza to sleep..thanks to abang cause wake me up.. i don't even want to sleep anyway..huhu penat bawak mate macam nie..huhu

ya Allah tabahkanlah hati hambaMu ini.. T__T

rindu kat mak rindu kat ayah.. and maybe i will go to them to kedah to out of this 'tiny hurting world'...

and i miss my hubby..but he seems like he dont want to talk to me right now huhuhuhuhu makes me cry even more.. emmmm sabar farina sabar... 1st day of Ramadhan, Allah just want to test my patience.. sabar farina sabar.. pray for me..huhu

enough of everything.. im tired X(
and to all of you..please enjoy your puasa.. :)

till then..

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