Wednesday, July 21, 2010

unpredictable mistakes

now i understand why and why and why people punching the wall when they are badly mad
i really am understand now.. i am.. relief kan? XD seronok bukan?
owwyeahh currently,my right hand is so numb.. huhu cant really lift heavy stuff..
and yea,it's my fault i shouldn't do that to myself. okay, my bad(!)
but yea it relief me okay,RELIEF my bad situation. please count for that so it's not 100% my fault right?

like ami said, 'we want to solve the problem so, please keep away the EMOtion stuff'.. kalau nak ekot emotion tu alamatnyer kite akan buat keputusan ikot perasaan dan mungkin akan menyebabkan penyesalan di kemudian hari.. tapi kalu dipikirkan mase emotion bergolak nie memang best buat keputusan tu,sebab hilang sakit hati kan? tapi mase akan datang taknak pikir? lu pikir lah sendiri~
yang ni takde kena mengena actually BUT some people think by using 100% of their emotion to solve a problem or making up a decision is the best way?..memang tak la~

it's too soon to makes up mind to choose the best in every single things we do so, made up mistake will taking you to the right path in your life.

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