Thursday, July 15, 2010

mis primos

mis primos means my cousins
(if i'm not mistaken,i'm just using google translate,if it's wrong then, TELL me.. XDD)

okay, i wanna talk about my cousins, do you know it's like 80/100 of my life i've been wasted it with my cousins? my cousins is like my closest friend..yes they are. :D
most of them from my moms side family, yea cause i live in here and so do they, just around here,semenyih ,kajang and yea nearby~
so this entry is special for my cousins (the closest), if you see them anywhere even in fb,ms or whatsoever,greet 'em and tell 'em that i wrote this for them :D okay?
(for sure Ami read this,hye Ami!! ngahaha :D)

firstly, cousins and twins?? we are cousins but they called us as twins cause yea any time , anywhere,we stick together like a twins.. :D here you go, Adda Jazman (known as Rabee or Bee) and Leya Fadzil(known as Alia or E-yaaa)..
yea 3 of us, they called us TWINS. how come maa?
we got alots in common, termasuk masalah, kalau aku dah jadi macam ni nanti dorang pulak.. lepas sorang,sorang lagi.. nasib kitorang hampir serupa? ahaaaaa aku da buat entry menggunakan bhasa rojak..keep up a good work farina! LOL!
tapi, kite nak korang taw,kite sayang giler kat korang muah muah sikett~~ ahaks.. :p

see? twins are like these,same colour of shirt,even the jeans..LOL

secondly, cousins and boyfriend?? ahaahah this is funny..really damn funny.. go and impress my cousins la haiyooo~ we're just cousins and they are kids..muahaha budak tak cukup umor lol.. XDD the name, Zahid Jazman (known as Ami) and Zikry Hariz (known as Ayie).. dorang due2 gedik..aagagaga.. sayang korang jugak.. muah muah siket..wahahahaha XD

they got everything in my head
reading every single feeling that i had
cherish every moment we had
sharing every single things we need
they are my Super duper good listener
my very unqualified adviser
my tears when i cried
my laugh when i'm happy
they are my cousins and a friends
we need each other like bees need the flowers(!)

air dicincang tidak akan putus
we are family, so what do you think?
happy dapat cousins macam korang XDD.. makin menggedik la dorang bace nie..wahahaha XDD
kan kan?? takpe, tayah jawab,aku taw (korang memang gedik).. LOL

p/s: that is not their full name,it's facebook name so,if you guys want to know 'em.. go on add 'em at facebook,used the name given ok.. ^__^


miss fabola said...

haha. yang paling dikenali ialah ayie tu. keh3.

Minami Shotarou said...

ina, post ni gedik. haha

farina said...

kak fatin: yer dye mmg ske gedik2 kn..wahaha

ami: ahahahah ko nak muah muah la tu ami kan???

Minami Shotarou said...