Friday, July 2, 2010

life is drama

hey people

just done with the saddest episode ever in my no, tak mungkin..
just like rancho tell his friend in the 3 idiots.. our heart worry too much but if we lie to our heart and saying everything is okay then they wouldn't know and not worried anymore..
it works for me though for a moment i was lie to my heart that everything is fine and i can took care of everything.. yea even for the starting it cause 2 - 3 drops of tears.. but yea my heart trust 'my lies' for once..just once.. and the whole thing was like transfer to my love? haa,yea.... he's the one having that problem when i'm already lie to my heart...huhuhu after a few hours? both of we having it.. yea, my heart know already about 'my lies'.. so it's like a waterfall, non-stop tears? huhu i'm MAJOR in it.. i know i am but still my love can feel that too.. we share a lot in common, did i told you that people? huhu

i got long way to go right? some tears is just a part of it right? so, don't blaming anyone though.. even my bf.. jangan ko cube menunding jari ke bf saye yer..dusshh kang! why i'm baking my bf? he's my bf, what do you expect? plus, memang bukan salah die kot..aissshhh..huhu hubby, rindu la..

i was going to KLCC yesterday (thursday).. going by myself.. i repeat BY MYSELF..teheee :D even for once actually, i'm not sure about taking PUTRA as a transport..miahahaha name je selalu gi KL,naik putra pon ta yea usually naik kereta hohkeyh... and and why am i going there? hehe hilangkan tekanan maybe.. yea actually aku rase diri ini sangat berdikari yer.. percaye atau tidak yang sebenarnyer aku naik last train semalam.. kalu lambat siket,alamatnyer aku merenpat di KL tu yer.. :P tade makne aku merempat situ,macam tade orang na datang amek je tak perlu risau tentang keaadaan saye kerane saye ok je.. serius, ta tipu punyer..

they said, love is illusion..betul ke?
rase macam nak balik rumah mak..lari dari semua..tapi boleh ke? urrgghhh =,=

p/s: hati berkocak

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