Sunday, June 6, 2010


hell-o peeps(!)

today is the day..the day that should be a very-very great day for me or for us..huhu i guess yea, maybe it's just not the right time yet.. not the time yet.. when the time is come we'll be accidently get that..

okay people, today is sunday,sunday is normally my most tired day..because i'm working day till night on weekends..huhuhu yea la, not same as a normal people would have.. i am just different.. as strange as you can say..

today after working at my mom's with those sleepy moods.. i got myself in simple outfit, cause i am going to KLIA..yea from 12.30pm till 2.00pm i've been at KLIA,walking around like a stupid person..uhuhuhu just don't ask what i am doing there..huhu just don't.. i know i am late for God sake i am sorry.. T__T i am so sorry..

ok since everyone seems so not in a mood for finding we reached the final say, heading to Alamanda so today would not be a worthless day.. and shopping~!!~!! yea it is right, to make a women really in a good mood,take them to shopping,they will keep smiling for the whole day.. ahaha yea i am smiling while shopping..then makan time~ having it at Kenny Rogers Roasters..huhu well done, you guys keep saying about this KRR,makes me wanna eat it.. [padan muke kena ikot ina makan kat KRR.. :p] errr you know what? potatoes? remind me of him..huhu so sad..even when i'm eating, i still remember you hubby..huhuhu and and 1 more things, that song makes me want to cry..huhu i just stop my eat and stare at my food, tears about to coming out but suddenly kak linda looked at me, and yea, i really cant cry infront of anyone huhuhu only the pillow can see me crying..huhuhu.. yea i tried my best to act cool to act fine..huhu please dont worry about me, even it's hurt but i really don't want to make any of you keep worrying about me.. i will be fine..i hope so...........huhu

then got home at 6.00pm, online and post an entry [missing you is like missing my only soul].. the entry is actually wrote about 2 days ago..huhu sorry for late posting it..huhu i don't have much time for posting a new interesting entry..huhu cause there's nothing about me that can make you interested to know..huhu lol

sobbing is like a new hobby for me.. i love this panda eyes wuwuuu~

want to know what songs that making me so touched while i'm eating at KRR?
i will post it in my new entry okay? and that would be my new blog's songs too.. huhu do wait..

p/s: i love you..always do..

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