Saturday, June 5, 2010

missing you is like missing my only soul

i love it when you pick up the phone and say 'hello dear'

i love it when you sang me a song..sweet song with full of the meaning just for me..

i love it when you say ' you are my poland girl' even i am not a poland girl..but for you,i am..huhu

i love it when you say 'i want to hug my teddy bear'..huhu

i love it when you tried as hard as you can to speak malay just to talk with me with that language..huhu i know it's hard to beginners.. but you always try.. ^__^ and you are so cute when u speak in malay..i really am lovin it..

i love it when you say 'i love you so much farina azmi'.. cause i know you meant it..

i love it when there's something happened and we're fighting.. you always believe in me to explain and trust it.. you know i never lie to you.. all this time i'd never did that..

i love it when you promise me and you really doing it..even you know maybe you cant stand to wait for me but you still waiting.... thank you so much...

i love it when you always care about me, every single things that i should do and don't.. you always there with me.. to make sure it happen and not..

i love it when you mad at me cause i'm crying but you are crying too with me...huhuhu

i love it when you know i am blushing and you will say ' i can see you red face dear'.. even you not actually can see me that time..hehe you know what? that makes me blushing even more..

when you ask me to kiss you [through phone] or i accidently kiss you [ through phone].. you will said.. 'aarghh my nose is bleeding'..yea i don't know why but i am so worry and panic at the same and that time you will just laugh and said 'it's just a joke dear'.. you really got me.. seriously..

you said till i am 22 so that, yea we can get married..haha i will wait for that.. :DD

i love it when you said you gonna be with me when i'm celebrating my next birthday.. i hope to see you that time.. i really am..huhu

everyone tried their best to break us apart.. but what? we are still together.. even sometimes i can't stand for those hurting words from them..huhu but you there,with me to make it possible.. thank you..

i know they said bad things about me even they don't even know me and yea you know these people said bad things about you too.. but? there's no one know you or me even better than ourself..

you know i love you and care about you.. i just cant stand to through anything without you hubby..

for first time i cried i cried so badly till i cant breath

it happened when i'm missing you

i miss you so much BRIAN RICHARDSON(!)

p/s: there's a lot uncountable things to be said but for this time this just it..others are private.. hubby i love you~

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