Monday, May 3, 2010's FUN!

i didn't remember the day and the date, but me with my cousin bee and ami were having a shooting for my new blog [online sales blog].. i'm selling pyssla bead or hama bead.. price and others detailed?? you can check it at my kawaii mono.. my kawaii mono is the name i choose for my online sales blog..why? because 'my kawaii mono' means my cute things... the things that always impressed you by its cuteness.. ^__^

i'm not launching yet my online sales blog till everything's complete, so please wait yea.

okay, enough of it, yeah its been a very super duper cool when three of us made up a shooting..well you know, we're camera whore..wahaha semua pon nk inter frame, almaklumlah semua suka mencapub..wakakakakaka alamak agagaga ampun maaf dipinta [macam hari raya pulak erk?]

on 1st may, we celebrating april's people birthday for birthday boy and birthday girl.. naim, razi,lisa,naqib, airin [my little cousin] and atok..happy birthday guys! may God bless you! had a blast.. and a yummy cakes..teheee.. :D

here some of the birthday picture and we and pyssla picture.. enjoy!

p/s: i'm deadly tired..duhh =,=

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