Thursday, May 6, 2010

apeun jeulgeoum

thanx to google :)

well, i'm having a flu! shit i hate it!
if u were my followers for quite long then you know...
i am the person whose easily having flu and hating it..
acchuummm~!! see, i hate it.. >,<

okay today is thursday,but i'm not having my holiday since i have to took care of my niece
because her mother is working so you know.. i'm the only babysitter around here...

yesterday [wednesday] i went out to sunway lagoon with my cousin eza,abg mat, my older sister and zaza my niece..hehehe and yeah not to forget eza's office mate which is very friendly, funny and yeah they are so cool.. ^__^ it was an enjoyable moment though everything was fun even this flu is quite irritating..[>,<] i'm walking around with tissues in my hand just so everything was fine when i'm not cool yea? yea i is irritating mostly when we're trying to have some fun with some cool people.. hahaha..
well by the way, i had a blast!

my sexy niece :D

p/s: ugghh >,<
apeun jeulgeoum means sick and fun in korean..

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