Friday, May 21, 2010

L is for LOVE

dear,think about me,think about me..and you will dream of me.. i want you to dream of me..

for God sake i cant stop thinking about, that's mean i will dream of you every night.. :)

I will be like an angle watching you while you are sleeping..

well then, I will sleep cutely for you.. ^__^

remember to message everyday okay..if you are not messaging me that's mean you forget me..

you know what, if I could, I want to be with you every single time so I'm not going to forget you..

are you wishing me there with you.?

always huney :)

love from ur hubby to my cute princess...

i love it when u say that.. :DDD

p/s: don't copy anything here please..


qyn ;) said...

wah, happy ye ! :')

farina said...

tehee.. :D