Monday, April 19, 2010

okey today is monday..ahahaha <------- basic information fo u guys out there.. XD

i went out with abg azam and bee and for sure bring zaza[my niece] along with us since she is my 'work'... ahahaha going to Times Square just because we want to eat at Papa John',we did! nothing could make me even more satisfied... Papa John's have their own way taste on pizzas.. :D [promot ni XDD] hehe..

after finished at Papa John's... walking around in Times Square... get in to Borders.. i'm bought some books to be read..[for sure lah XD]... its 'All Because of You by Melissa Hill' and 'The Chocolate Run by dorothy Koomson' and of course comics... i cant get rid my habit from buying comics.. XDD

cant wait to read all of 'em.. thats all thank you!

p/s: why when i want to update my blog,i keep losing my words? and why when i'm NOT there's like a thousand story to be told??? =,=

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