Saturday, April 17, 2010

imperfections in me


to whoever that doesn't know.. yeah, i am actually wearing a glasses but as u can see.. i didn't really wearing it.. since it border me too much as i can say... i just don't love to wearing it as my purpose image.. [=,=]

but lately [this two days], my sight seems blur.. i don't know why but.. i think i should wear glasses back... [>,<] even though i don't really seems to like it.. but i know i really have to.. errgghh


i've been tormented by headaches... the very painful one... and i realised,i keep losing my memory.. what the hell i've been thinking huh??

i need to see the doctor because kak linda says that it might be migrain..[>,<] ouh damn!


my S.E p990i is having a problem with keypad,just one keypad but this one is the most important use so i need to use the touch screen.. its quite annoyed since i don't really like touch screen..>,<

while my nokia 6233 seems sgt bengong~~ adess

i need a new phone please...

p/s; why is everything annoy me?

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