Thursday, February 11, 2010

extremely disappointed =,=

okey.. that sound hilarious!! am i right?? yeah, i actually thinking bout this days.... i'm kindda disappointed.. coz my internet making me sick and yeah i cant even do something that i used to loved doing it..its all bcoz of this shit!! i mean, my internet connection..bla blah blah.. errgghh i am hating it!! plus its just a couple of days to valentines.. i dont think i'm gonna celebrate it with my dearest bf since he's now stuck on his own busy things... well, its not i am disappointed bcoz i cant celebrate it but his 'busy' have been interrupting my whole mood.. [~,~] lalalalala~~ but sorry sometimes human being needs more attention than carrier does.. X( okey, put away my whole mood and disappointed..its nothing to be worried..
AJ is going to a new school and yeah gonna stay in hostel.. what a sad day fer me.. heh... i will be missing u lah AJ.. be good in school yeah.. may God bless you.. [^,^]
i dyed my hair..eyh no, i highlight my hair today since i am already dyed it two weeks ago if im not actually i was planned to highlight it with red.... yeah already did but it didn't showed up very well or i should say i didn't showed up AT ALL..... sad heh.. so, the hairstyler suggest to change it to medium blonde to make sure it show up so, i was like ' yeah sure why not' [in disappointed way].. lol so, she put up the color.. i mean highlight it.. then after the steamed done, she's checks up my hair and she said.. 'err amoi, ade due color la..yang wane merah td naik so, jadi campor2 sket'.. and i laugh,what the hell is wrong with my day... well, its fine, i'm happy coz the red is show up but i'm a bit 'sick' coz most of the blonde show up at the top of my looks a bit lame.. [~,~] well, nothing i can do.. just let it be that way.. XD
well, that jut it.. sumtimes when i got the time i kept losing my idea to write.. heh..

p/s; still in disappointed mood.. and and cant download a new patch for my game yet.. [~,~]

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