Friday, November 6, 2009

thursday-5/nov/2009 = sweetest day XD

yeah, it was the sweetest in my life so far.. :D i met him,yeah, the one i'm dying worried for..and its on my previous post.. :)
well, he's fine,funny as always,sweet,and charm..ahahaha.. well,people always said like 'first met would be so perfect' or i it should say,'1st met,everyone lies/hypocrites to make it look perfect' but its different here..because he's really got the real me,im not fake and i don't try to be one and it is so easy for me to be comfortable when im with him... my cousin said the same.. he can make people feel so comfortable with him.. i really had fun yesterday..the picture was taking when im actually still at home and about to get into the car..kuang3... its is so sad because i accidentally left my phone in the car and don't have a opportunity to get it because my sis already taking car back to home.. i didn't bring a camera with me yesterday and that's mean NO PICTURE of the sweetest day.. huhuhu that is bad, isn't it? by the way,thanx to alia [my cousin] because care to accompany me and thanx to him because really made me happy...he always do..ahaha thanx dear pzi.oppss..did i just mention his name?? LOL..yeah nevermind, i want it that way.. :)

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