Wednesday, November 11, 2009

melangkah ke alam.....??

ahahaha okey, its actually there's nothing to do with the well, last Saturday my school having a graduation day.. :) well, at first i felt so annoyed because i have to ware a scarf and i dont have any idea what should i and i end up wearing brown 'baju kurung' and a simple 'tudung'... i had fun which i can enjoyed myself... and capture capture capture a picture [smpai lebam]..ahahaha..everything is great.. :)
this is some of the picture..
well, i cut my hair... hahaha.. at last! i did it.. yeah its been so hard for me to cut my hair... now i did it.!! woohoo~! wlopion x byk tp kire ptong ar gak ann?? huhuhu

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