Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sad,raye,sad & raye

everything juz make me wanna cry..
its true.. :'(
its quite dull but i still enjoy it..
i can spend tyme wif mak [mak angkat..i have my own 'family angkat']
i miss them so,i'm happy coz of tht..

after i get here from kampong...
hmmm..i lost my friend..
i mean it..
my own was soo unexpected.. :(
i never know tht she had a brain tumor b4 this..
she always looks happy...
make everyone smile wif here childish behavior..
who knows..
know she's gone...being wif God...
its hard 4 me 2 accept this but its life...
thts the challenge....
i hope she will be along the great people..
and i hope..
whoever read this..
would pray 4 her...
i missed u emi.. :(


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