Thursday, October 23, 2008


this morning i woke up..
n i juz cry..
i starting my day wif crying today..
i've been thinking about all thing...
how cruel's life i had..
how hard for me to had a good life..
and i'm wondering..
is all my friend is being my friend juz bcoz
what i have not bcoz i am me..
or they juz being a 'hypocrites person'
juz make me feel horrible in my own life..
my life is messed up..i cant see the truth behind this lies..
or i'm juz blind of having a friend..?
makes this a joke...
and i don't even care..
i know that i am so UNperfect for u to have me as ur friend..
and if u really in this hypocrites stuff for my life..
would u juz leave me??
let me be alone then if everyone juz being hypocrites to me..
i dont need that kind of stuff in my life coz..
i want a TRUE FRIEND not a good fake liar...
think that..
u juz made me crying..
this morning make me think about this...
and if u r hypocrites then u dont have
ur own life and happiness...
and plz dont make it effected in anyone else life..
its a loser's job..

this not for sumone but for everyone..
think..ur category the hypocrites or the other side??
and copybrats..
dont copy this..
its from my heart..
when i cry..i wrote tears.. :'|

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