Sunday, January 29, 2012

important NOTE

note to myself and you guys too..

there's always people talking, hear them,
if they were right, agree with them,
if they were wrong, tell them the right thing,
if they wont listen, let them,
one day they will come back to you and that time all you have to say is ' i told you :) '

dont let anyone let you down,
even they did, act like you're fine,
in a mean time, they will realize how bad they are
and they know they just did twice for their self

think before do the talking part ! important !
 me,we, you dont want to look dumb on others sight

dont keep judging on how bad life treat you,
but think how cruel life is if it dont give you anything bad for you to experience.

there's always CHOICES in life, it is YOU to make the DECISION
no regret ! because there's always a new path in life :)

**live positively. always does and always will**

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