Sunday, July 10, 2011

blessed Friday

hello my deary old blogs. :D

I was check the page of strangeyna's blog on FB, it says 'last updated about 2 weeks ago'.. yeaaayyy 2 weeks I've been trying to update actually but it turns to nothing !
weeww sorry for the lack of update, i know dull and i've been asking my sayam locked and niesa to give me courage but still.. I'm too lazy to update something around here ! <----- ignore this please XDD

ahahaha ok ! what a blessed Friday ! (8/7/2011)
big news !
1st. i got a new nephew yeaayy ! very charming and cute like his aunt farinaaaa wuuuu~ ahahaha ngegeh jak ahh #65 i've been waiting for so long yer dear lil boy, at last ! here's the picture.. cute ahhh XDD macam mak ude dye ahaha :p

2nd. I'm errrr uuummm aaaaaaaaa found someone ! yes found someone who willing to stand beside me and share every single smile and tears with me.. Muhamad Syafiq bin Setermizai :) thank you so much ! :D i'm glad to know you at the first place ! ♥♥♥ saye sayang awak yer B #54

that 2 things is more than enough for me to keep smiling all day long :D

plus plus i miss my besties mek jiehaa so much ! T^T bile nak jumpe ni mek, kite due dah dapat nephew pon.. wuuuu rinduu gillaaaaaaa :( x sabar nak jumpa :D rindu kau doe !

------------------------------------ the end for now -------------------------------------------

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