Saturday, July 10, 2010

i need a medicine(!)

i think i already get ready for this..
i mean yea, everything.. i will always get ready for all of this..
but yea, i was wrong.. cause i know i'm so through all of this.. T___T
i heard your voice and i was like tuuuut waterfall from my eyes and i was crying like a little girl.. i repeated LIKE A LITTLE GIRL.. eff off Farina! maken terok kau nanges.. tah la.. huhuhu.
for started i was like *take a deep breath* 'okay, i have to accept this even it's hard for me' then after a few minutes, tadaaaa~~ (T___T)
i really can't do this to myself.. huhuhu.. i can't lie to myself about how hard it is for me..huhu..
sodeyh la den ni~ sodeyh bobonaa~
i need my permanent medicine to heal the pain inside me..
and it is you Brian! XD

p/s: stick with me please? iloveyou

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