Thursday, July 8, 2010

i am one of Spain supporters(!)

hey hey~!!!

SPAIN WON!!!! wooohooo~~
go home Germany, i dont know why you guys playing so 'like that'??
errgghh..annoyed nyer tengok Germany.. macam memang nak bagi Spain menang?
btw, Thank you Germany for let Spain win..miahahahaha
Go Go Spain!! You are my Winner(!)
to whoever making up a deal with me for this game.. deal is deal ok... i'm waiting for all those stuff. :D

Spain vs Netherlands?
SPAIN is going to be the WINNER
penyokong Spain yang tegar aku sekarang..wahaha


enough about World Cup and stuff,
i am now having fever wuuu~ T__T
last night was a very painful for me though it just cause by DURIAN
yea, it cause by Durian.. pathetic in me.. thank you(!)
graaaa~ dont you ever try to laugh..grr
tak taw la kenape tapi memang bau durian semalam membunuhku..
i was covering my nose with handkerchief all the time..
tolong lah berhenti makan durian lam umah nie..tolonglah~
sakitnyer jiwa aku dengan bau durian nie.. =,=

p/s: hubby, can you be here with me? iloveyousodeeplymuch! XD

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