Monday, June 21, 2010

the playground are about to gone

hello anda(!)

announcement people.. Farina Azmi is not going to any of University or Collage for this time... i should go today if i could.. sadly to be told that there's a TONS of problem around me and i can't just left like that and leaving my mum like this..hell no way! i know, some of you (who don't know anything about everything) keep mad at me because of this.. i will continue my studies, i promise that i will but it's just not now.. it's not a really good time now.. NOT AT ALL.. so stop! stop being mad at me... don't worry cause i will try my best to make it happen.. promise i will... i want to have that as a part in my life.. insist to have that okay? and stop's killing me..

as you can read and know, i'm having a very bad time in my life right now.. every single things in every single way.. it's too hard for me.. really am.. i tried to hiding my tears, my anger,my everything to make sure it'll not causing anyone of any of you worried about me.. sedih la hati aku... kenape la... ya Allah ya Tuhanku, kuatkanlah hambaMu ini untuk menghadapi ujian dariMu ini.. (T__T)

aaarrrggghhhhhhhhh aku memang tak cukup kuat lagi........... T_____T

being angry wont help anything though.. yea since it's just will cause heart breaking so? tak payah marah kan boleh? bukan cakap kat awak la.... awak nak marah tu hak awak la kan? me and angry? yea we got issues.. XDD i can't easily getting mad or doesn't mean that i don't care cause i am so hurt with those words or things or whatsoever but you just don't know how i showed it.. lu taw la wa ni ganazz sket.. wa cakap lepas je kalo wa nak.. carut carut semue tu, kang wa lepaskan kang, lu merana sakit hati lak kan.. wa tak suke la kan nak bagi lu orang sakit hati dengan wa.... huk alohhh, wa tahan marah ni derr~ nak gadoh bawak datang arr! (macam sial ayat ahahaha funny la.. nak marah pon boleh gelak...ahahaha tunggu bulan datang okay? kompem dapat marah punyer..i mean the serius

perangai aku memang dah tak boleh bla! ahahaha...

i was watching obsessed while doing some works.. yea it's good but grrr irritating arr.. the point is.... the girl, the person who making up all the problem and become too obsessed with a married man? hah bodoh! benci betol dengan perempuan macam tu..grr like a girl in my story.. memang sebijik.. macam sial.. arrggghh kiwak giler.. aaaaaa shut up farina!! tengok aku mencarut.. tak berhenti tawu? tak senonoh btol farina nie...okay habis lah cerita pasal nie... sakit hati!

and and have you heard my new blog song???

come come baby,
come be my toyfriend,
let me play with you~~

ahhhahh! gedikkan? i like..wahahaha XP
yea the previous song are too sad wasn't it? so, yea change to rilex song.. XD (rilex ke? lol)

p/s: hati dilandai ombak~ ily~

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