Friday, January 29, 2010

thousand thank to all of you.. ^^

1st of all..thank you a thousand times to every single person whose wished me on my birthday. :) well, even if its not the day but yeah thank for those wishes..
and of course to who ever showed up on my birthday party and gave me a present... my beloved family, every single person in my family,including cousin aunt uncle,my beloved boyfriend ,my friend ..
thank you mucho mucho!! ^^
i am so greatfull.. i am now 18!! owwyeah~~!
thank God for giving me this chance,to live in ur world... Thank You!
well, my birthday party was so fabulous!! here some of the picture capture by abg faiz.. ^^ thank abg faiz..
im speechless right now..still in a mood for everything.. ahahaha owyeah~~ i mean everything..

p/s: i miss my old friend and my dear..alalalala.....XP

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