Tuesday, November 3, 2009

between boredom and studies

well,i having both right now which is boredom and studies... even when im studying..im bored..kahkhak..sorry..im crappy a lot.. XD
and i had a problem with my facebook..i cant post on my own wall or anyone's wall.. i cant even click on any button to respond request...errgghh... i cant do ANYTHING!!
i am so sick of it.. [>,<] by the way,15 more days till SPM start.. woohooo!!! soon enough i think.. XD im scared but in the meantime i'm excited to finish it... hell yeah, i'll be done with school!! cant wait n yeah i know i'll miss it someday..kihkih.. well,i,m about to leave but before that..i want u guys to look at this picture..i will make it in a new post...its me wif my new cute candy dress.. :)do leave your comment.till then..adios~!

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