Sunday, September 27, 2009

my hurts T__T

you've promise me that you wont leave me
but now you're just step forward for leaving me
i know you and i know it hurts me
baby,if there still a hope..i would just stop begging
hopes and promises you've made are now just an empty heart to be waist
are we insist to be with each other?
or it's just our UNstoppable fault and egoist we've made?
i'm here with my deep inside my heart still want you
i need you even though i knew i can possibly take a good of myself
there still one thing i couldn't help myself with....
it's hurt I've been through and I'm still figure everything to make it better
i don't think other could help me with this...
just the person who hurts me could heal it..
and the person is......
the guy i'll always need....u are bby... T___________T
but now i know, the love i've been keep all this time are just an excuse for you to lie.....
i cant trust you,and i stop my myself from compromise with you
it's too many lies..made my heart crying in silence..
acting like there's nothing happen but deep one knows..

p/s: correct my mistake......if there's any...

even this heart hurt so badly

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