Thursday, May 21, 2009

woKe up!! [o.O]

tday im not going to i dont have any paper[exm] to take... uhmmm juz woke up n wondering wht i would do fer tday.. duuUuhh,i should planning in my sleep.. [>,<] lol... as i said... im in exams mood..there's still a week to finished it..hving an examination is not as fun as i should enjoyed it lol..haha*lost words*

ouh yeah,mr.E had an excident.. duhhh im the one who get really worried bout him.... [>,<] biase la..dye yg axcident,aq yg rso duhh tkowt jd cam abg aq dlu...[T_T] btw, i'll always cocern bout evryting.. :)  as u should remember i am such a good perdon.. XD wahaha cube puji dri sndri..

now, im lack of idea...anyway,good luck to everyone who taking an examination as i am.. do r best guys!!! n 1 more thing..'ingatlah orang yg tersayang apabila memandu'.. heee.. daaa~!

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