Wednesday, April 1, 2009

holla back my bloggers.. :)

im feeling like hell in my own freakin life right now..just now. XD.. too many things happen this lately,my story teller,my secret trusty supporter..ahaha if there's any LAH.. hmmm tah ape aq ngarot.. just nk gtau kat kowng sume yg idop aq sgt plain kdg2.. xde pe yg besh melainkn tgk result ak yg failed.. :| dan keraguan hati thadap dri sndri.. kpd anda2 bloggers yg xpena tawu ataw da lupe dan sbagainyerrr,mmg sbenarnyer aq minat emo,hati ini sgt sadis okeyh?? x ku sangka aq layak gak amek kesusteraan melayu.. mmg x ptot kowng bace sume nie sbb dr td mmg mengarot jew.. i'm having something that make my life get confused itself..haha..thanx.. :) and fyi,i'm taken by mr.E, i did mention this type of name in my blog so, plz read it back 4 more information..gyahahahaha..sorry,maybe its kindda late to tell but i think we have been together since 3++ maybe i'm the one who get confused wif my own feeling not him.. gyahaha.. i think its just that.... there's nothing to be told unless someone ask to.. :)

p/s:ade masalah ngn BI aq? bwat phm jew la..x pyh nk bagak pandai sgt..tq.. :)

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