Wednesday, December 3, 2008

second tag. [nk kne qiko nie>,<]

The rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules.

List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people
;; cant live without hp..
;; shopping addict
;; editing
;; say n do sumthing stupid
;; cry n cry
;; too manje
;; dslr addict
;; joker!

;;my twinny ana
;; quraibah
;; alep a.k.a mr.toyol
;; zahid
;; nn
;; xtau da spe lg pkai blogger nie
;; ...
;; yeah..abess..

;; First Name- Noorazfarina
;; Nickname-farina/eyna
;; Name you wish you had- err..nvm..i love my name
;; What do people normally mistake your name as- wrong spelling.. eg; nurasfarina [ngok!]
;; Birthday-19 January 1992
;; Birthplace- hospital bukit mertajam p.pinang
;; Time of Birth- around 12.00 pm [im not sure]
;; Single or taken- too complicated
;; Zodiac sign- capricorn

Your Appreance
;; How tall are you-156cm
;; Wish you were taller- yeah. yeah..
;; Eyecolor-dark brown
;; Eye color you want-blue [tamak2]
;; Current Hair color- it should be black but its a bit dark brown
;; Short or long hair- long hair
;; Ever dye your hair a bizarre color-nope
;; Last time you did something dramatic with your hair- curly
;; Glasses or contacts- glasses
;; Do you wear make-up- sometimes [according to my mood]
;; Ever had hair extensionst- errr..
;; Paint your nails- nope[sgt mngotorkn kuku]

In the opposite gender
;; What color eye- same as mine lol..i accept anything oke..
;; What color hair-black or whatever he want..
;; Shy or Outgoing-outgoing
;; Sexy or Cute- cute face, nice style
;; Serious or Fun- both
;; Older or Younger than you- older maybe..
;; A turn on- charming
;; A turn off- no idea

Have you ever
;; Lie-of cause, maybe
;; Stole something- did i?? idts
;; Smoked- i sick of it.. >,<
;; Hurt someone close to you- yeaps..sowie
;; Had your heart broken- everytime i falling in love.. poor me.. :(
;; Wondered what was wrong with you- always do..
;; Wish you were a prince/princess- hope so..
;; Liked someone who was taken- nope...i'm not stealer
;; Shaved your head- no! no!
;; Used chopsticks- not a problem
;; Sang in the mirror to yourself- best2! hahaha..[nmpk sgt slaloo bwat]

;; Flower- white rose
;; Candy- lolipop
;; Song- universal listener
;; Color-black,yellow,brown,purple,white.
;; Movies- all kind
;; Singer- underground band n sume2..
;; Junk food- errmmm.. potato chip!
;; Website-
;; Location-malaysia
;; Animal- monkey2!! yeah!

;; Ever cried over someone- err..shh
;; Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself- sure..
;; Do you think you're attractive- maybe..maybe not...lala
;; If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose- every fairytale with the happy ending.. [tamak2]

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