Sunday, June 15, 2008

something to talk about..

im totally bored..urgggh....
today is father's day..
happy father's day 4 all the fathers on eart..
including my beloved father.. :))
im bought a chocolate cake 4 my father..
coz i know he's freaking love chocolate cake..
mostly american chocolate..
he's my father..and im thanxkful coz i got him..

im freaking tired..
*susa btol umh xde air ni..pnt doe!!*
i get ready 4 school tmrow..
*x sba nk g KL Tower...*

hope that girl not make my life miserable again..
i hate u bitch!!!
u juz like the other bitch..dont u know tht??
what ebal say are right..
u're freaking bitchy!!!
dont ever try to say tht im ur friend..
im not..!!
n i dont even wish it..
thanx bitch!!
n plzz give me some space..erkkk...

i would be better without tht bitch.. :))
im sigle..
n i love it..yeah!! yeah!!

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