Tuesday, April 15, 2008


its been a long time i didnt write anything in blogger..
i think i had such a terrible life..
argghhh....kindda stressed..
juz kindda....

my life start have a haters..
ouh..currently hate it...
i dunno what i've done..
but they still wanna hate me..
keep goin dear..
haters is juz a mess in mylife...

hahaha..dont ask me why im writing in english..
i think my blog need some change..lol..
*juz say it..dont even mean it*

school suck.!!
yes it is..
everyday i go to school n it juz so annoyed..
full of something i really hate..
hey bitch! stop being a jerk infront of me..
im fucking hate that oke?!!

nothing gonna be interesting without u my dear naim...
1st time i mention his name in blog..
hahahaha..yeah,he's the 1 right now..
n i really need him..everytime!
i beg on him 4 everthing..

maybe juz that...
n juz that..

p/s:i miss my old buddy,my friend n u naim.. :))
iLysdfm dear...

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